Joshua P. Geist Wins $2.1 Million For Head-On Collision Victim

July 2, 2019

Joshua P. Geist Wins $2.1 Million For Car Accident Pittsburgh, PA

$2.1 Million Recovered for Pittsburgh Accident Victim

After a severe car crash, one Pittsburgh resident found himself with significant injuries. After multiple surgeries, he still suffers from limited mobility. The resident hired a personal injury attorney, filed a lawsuit from Goodrich & Geist, P.C. and has now successfully recovered over $2 million in compensation.

Car Crash Victim Awarded Over $2 Million in Court

Throughout the lawsuit, it was revealed that another driver directly caused the crash by crossing over a double yellow line. His negligence resulted in a head-on collision with the injured plaintiff. Despite these facts, the defendant was only offering a small settlement amount of $400,000. Why?

It was also determined that the injured plaintiff was already suffering from a pre-existing MS condition prior to the accident. He was already wheelchair-bound for five years preceding the accident. The defendant attempted to use this previous diagnosis to downplay the seriousness of the new accident-related injuries.

Why Your Attorney Matters

Thankfully, the plaintiff’s extraordinary attorney, Joshua P. Geist, shut down these arguments in the best way. Prior to the accident, the plaintiff’s pre-existing condition left him very independent. After all, the plaintiff was independently operating his van at the time of the accident.

The crash directly caused a leg fracture and other injuries. Now, he’s unable to stand and transfer himself into his wheelchair without assistance. He’s lost a significant amount of mobility and independence. Attorney Geist explained to the jury how the plaintiff’s wife now has to assist her husband in all of his daily tasks. She never had to do that prior to the accident despite his MS diagnosis.

The jury ultimately decided to side with the plaintiff and attorney Geist. Instead of the highest offering amount of $500,000, the jury awarded the plaintiff $2.1 million.

About Goodrich and Geist

Attorney Joshua P. Geist works at the law firm of Goodrich and Geist. Together, these two lawyers tackle a variety of legal issues for their clients. Here’s an overview of the practice areas the firm focuses on:

Combined, both Joshua P. Geist and William F. Goodrich have over 50 years of experience representing families in Pittsburgh.

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