Injuries Can Result From Use Of Dangerous Property

February 12, 2015

Injuries can result from use of dangerous property

A slip-and-fall accident can turn a routine trip to an office building or to the grocery store into a dangerous one. These types of accidents can quickly cause costly injuries that can be physically, financially and emotionally painful. A property owner in Pennsylvania may be held liable for the injuries that one suffers on his or her dangerous property in certain situations.

If somebody slips on drink or food that has been spilled at a hotel restaurant or bar, for example, the hotel owner could face claims for financial responsibility for the victim’s injuries. Likewise, a property owner may be sued if a person slips on ice and show that was not removed from a walkway in front of the business. Slipping on slick surfaces and wet tile floors may also be grounds for a lawsuit.

Building owners are also expected to exercise a reasonable degree of care in order to prevent injuries associated with a fire. This would include posting escape routes and having sprinklers on the premises. It is worth noting that just as private property owners are responsible for keeping up their properties, municipalities have a duty to maintain sidewalks and streets as well.

A person has the right to file a lawsuit against a Pennsylvania property owner whose negligence is deemed to have caused the individual to suffer an injury on the property. He or she may pursue the reimbursement of monetary damages in the dangerous property case, which may help him or her to cover medical costs and other financial losses tied to the incident. Competent proof of negligence is required in order for the plaintiff to prevail in this type of case.