Icy Conditions Mean Slip Fall Risk Occasions For Kindness

January 9, 2014

Icy conditions mean slip-fall risk, occasions for kindness

Pittsburgh has been in the cellar of a cold winter chill in the past few days. By comparison, today’s temperatures are probably seen by many as downright balmy. But the thermometer hasn’t pushed up beyond the freezing mark just yet. Property owners may still be facing challenges in keeping their grounds snow and ice free.

If they have been negligent in staying on top of things, the risk of serious injury from slips and falls remains high. Anyone who suffers such an injury could face significant medical costs and down time from work. Seeking compensation for that suffering is a right that is available and something to explore with an attorney’s help.

While the cold weather can turn sidewalks, parking lots and roads into treacherous thoroughfares, it also serves to draw some of us out of ourselves, creating opportunities for practicing the Golden Rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

A reader of the Post-Gazette suggests that was just was in evidence early last month, and she says she’s grateful to the angel who helped her.

According to her story, she was walking to church on the morning of Dec. 8, a stack of packages in hand. Snow was falling heavily. Blocks away from her destination, she says she slipped and fell on some ice that hadn’t been cleared. She went down and could not get up.

But she says before she knew it, a woman appeared and was helping her up off the ground. The good Samaritan didn’t stop there, though. She welcomed the victim into her car and drove her to the church, making sure she got in safely.

Her letter in the paper last week expressed her gratitude for the aid, especially considering how horrible the weather conditions were at the time.