Exploding Oil Tank Injures Worker In Pennsylvania

August 7, 2014

Exploding oil tank injures worker in Pennsylvania

According to Pennsylvania authorities, a 52-year-old man was injured on Aug. 5 after a crude oil tank exploded at a recycling company. The accident occurred in Bradford around 11:20 a.m. at Metalico Bradford Goodman Services when the man was attempting to cut through an oil tank with a gasoline-powered saw.

Reports indicate that the explosion happened when vapors in the tank were ignited by the saw. The explosion then caused the tank to split in half, and it was heard throughout a wide area of Bradford. No other workers were injured in the incident.

The worker suffered minor injuries and was taken to Bradford Regional Medical Center. He was later discharged from the medical facility in stable condition. The Bradford City Fire Department received calls about the explosion, but when they arrived, the fire had already gone out. An officer from the Pennsylvania Police Department stated that only the steel tank was damaged at the recycling plant. It is unknown whether OSHA will investigate the accident since no fatalities were reported.

Those who are injured in explosions may suffer serious injuries like first-degree burns, which could lead to further medical expenses in order to treat the burns. If the incident occurred due to the negligence of a property owner who did not forewarn an individual about possible hazards or an unsafe premise, that person may be held financially accountable for a victim’s ensuing damages. A personal injury attorney could review reports of the incident to gain more insight and build a strong case against the liable parties.Source: The Bradford Era, “Worker suffers minor injuries in explosion at Goodman’s Tuesday“, Kate Day Sager, August 05, 2014