Couple Alleges That Dangerous Property Led To Womans Injuries

February 19, 2015

Couple alleges that dangerous property led to woman’s injuries

A slip-and-fall accident can lead to unexpected injuries that can result in the loss of wages and other financial challenges. In one such case, a Pennsylvania couple is suing a newspaper’s owners, as well as a cultural center, after the woman suffered a number of injuries in a slip-and-fall accident on the center’s property. She claims that both the event’s sponsor and the venue should be held liable for the injuries that occurred on the dangerous property.

The woman said she was attending an event sponsored by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at a downtown building. She allegedly slipped while leaving the auditorium to head to the bathroom. The woman said her right elbow was fractured. She also reportedly fractured a tooth, a bone located in her left foot and her right kneecap.

The woman and her husband said both the newspaper and the cultural center were responsible for the unsafe conditions leading to her fall. According to the complaint, the organizations should have realized that freshly waxed or highly polished surfaces could be hazardous. They are pursuing damages exceeding $35,000.

Property owners in Pennsylvania are responsible for maintaining their properties in a manner that is safe for the public to use. Failure to do so may put members of the public at risk of injury. It is within the rights of a person who has suffered an injury on a dangerous property to file a premises liability claim against the allegedly negligent owner of that property. A successfully litigated case may result in monetary damages that can help the plaintiff to cover the cost of the medical treatment required to address his or her injuries.