City of Pittsburgh Introduces Raised Crosswalk to Slow Traffic

November 10, 2021

In an effort to slow traffic in Squirrel Hill, the city of Pittsburgh plans to install a raised crosswalk as part of the city’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program. Like a speed hump, the goal of the raised crosswalk is to slow traffic and lower the risk of pedestrian accidents in high-traffic areas. 

When Will it be Installed? 

Installation of the raised crosswalk will commence on Friday, November 12, 2021. This crosswalk will be located in the middle of the block on Darlington Road wedged between Murray Avenue and Wightman Street. This will be the first raised crosswalk placed in a residential neighborhood, however, according to Nick Ross, the city’s lead traffic engineer, the need could not come at a better time due to the reconstruction of Bigelow Boulevard and the University of Pittsburgh’s raised crosswalk on campus. 

Darlington Road will be closed on Saturday morning (November 13th) until mid-afternoon. It will be closed again on Monday, November 15th as crews add markings to the raised crosswalk for increased visibility. 

Why This Location? 

Even though speeding isn’t a particularly big issue on Darlington Road, many motorists who are trying to avoid stopping at the light at the Murray Avenue intersection often increase their speed as they approach the area. This puts pedestrians in that area at extreme risk of being injured in a collision. 

According to Ross, this area has also been a popular route for individuals walking to the Jewish Community Center. 

Pittsburgh Has Been Taking a Stand Against Reckless Driving

While the installation of the raised crosswalk is a big deal for the city, Pittsburgh has been taking a stand against reckless driving for quite some time now. The city has increased the number of speed humps in areas where speed has been a problem. 

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