Car Accidents During Inclement Weather

January 14, 2015

Car accidents during inclement weather

There are certain safety precautions that everyone should take while traveling in inclement weather. As months of snow and ice approach us, you and your loved ones should be extra cautious. There are safety driving tips that all drivers should consider following while in this time of terrible weather that will reduce car accidents and help to ensure you and your family arrive at your next destination alive and well.

First, drivers should always be prepared with certain things to make sure to have a safe journey from place to place. Have proper clothing on, a flashlight, a blanket, food, and water. If you will be traveling a further than usual distance, extra washer fluid and oil, a windshield scraper, jumper cables, and at least a half tank of gas at all times in the winter are all great ideas.

Check your vehicle before leaving. Make sure all lights, wipers, and controls are properly working. Also, be sure to check all tires to make sure none are flat or damaged.

Be a cautious, defensive driver and drive slower than usual. Most car accidents occur in bad weather because of people driving too fast. Going slower gives you more time to react. Also, you should put more space between yourself and the drivers around you. Hold your steering wheel tightly, as well. You never know when you could start to hydro-plane or hit a patch of ice, and holding tightly can help you maintain control of your vehicle.

Brake and accelerate at a slower rate. The roads may be slick and if you try to stop or go quickly you might not have enough time to react. Your car might skid or slide because of what is on the roads.

When approaching bridges, make sure they are safe to travel across. Bridges freeze before roads, so take caution when going across them. Try to avoid driving around and on mountains during times of bad weather. Make sure to always obey road signs.

If you get stranded or stuck, do not get out of your vehicle. If you do not see a place close by where you can get assistance, just stay in your vehicle, it is easy to get lost if you are in an unfamiliar place. Keep the exhaust pipe away from any snow and only run your vehicle for 10 minutes every hour.

If conditions look bad before you leave, maybe you should just stay home if it isn’t imperative that you leave. Don’t try to go somewhere unless you absolutely must. Putting your life at risk to travel somewhere that is not needed is not worth it. If you have been injured in an accident by another driver, call the Pittsburgh car accidents lawyers at Goodrich and Geist today for a free consultation at 412-837-8426.