Burn Victim To Sue Sheetz For Negligence

March 11, 2015

Burn victim to sue Sheetz for negligence

A student from St. Vincent College filed a lawsuit against Sheetz this past Monday after she says that she was very badly burned by hot cappuccino two years ago and that Sheetz is at least partially to blame. Many who take to commenting on social media and news outlets liken this story to the McDonald’s burn case from long ago. There is a general lack of sympathy for people who burn themselves with hot beverages and that’s too bad, but this young woman has a legitimate case against Sheetz.

The story goes that the young woman was doing some quick morning shopping and had to grab some beverages and a pack of gum when as she was reaching for a final item, she lost everything, broke a glass bottle, and burned her arm and breast in the process. The woman’s claim is that while waiting in line there is no place to put an overload of items, and that Sheetz does not provide baskets to customers, which is true.

When asked to comment, a spokesperson from Sheetz was unable to be reached and the amount the young woman is seeking for her pain, suffering, anguish, and mounting medical bills has not been specified. The woman’s attorney has told reporters that it is not a case about “hot coffee,” but that Sheetz is negligent because they do not provide their customers with the proper means to carry all of the things they want people to purchase.

According to records, the victim has had to undergo numerous surgeries in order to repair damage to her arm and breast that was caused by the scalding hot cappuccino. The woman’s lawyer says it’s as simple as a company being negligent for not giving its customers the mean with which to carry the many, many things they would like their customers to purchase.

If you have questions about personal injury law, please call the Pittsburgh injury attorneys at Goodrich and Geist today for a free consultation at 412-837-8426. Source: TribLive.com, “St. Vincent student sues Sheetz over scalding from cappuccino” 10 March 2015