Back-Related Slip and Fall Injuries

April 29, 2019

back injuries due to a slip and fall accident Pittsburgh, PA

Slip and Fall Accidents and Back Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can cause a variety of injuries including severe and lasting back pain. Slip and falls are more likely to cause back-related injuries in individuals who are older or suffer from preexisting conditions, but anyone could potentially develop a back problem from a slip and fall. Below we will discuss the most common types of back-related slip and fall injuries and how to determine liability when these accidents occur. At times, victims may be able to receive compensation for their injuries by pursuing a premises liability lawsuit against the negligent property owner.

Common Types of Slip and Fall Back Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control reports that over one million slip and fall accidents occur throughout the nation annually. Although many victims do not suffer injuries, some are seriously hurt by these types of falls. As many as 17,000 citizens perish each year from slip and fall accidents. One of the most common types of injuries reported after a fall are injuries to the back. Common types of back-related slip and fall injuries include:

  • Back strains (an injured or torn muscle)
  • Back sprains (when ligaments are stretched beyond their normal limits)
  • Compression fractures
  • Spondylolisthesis (when one vertebra slides over the vertebra below it and causes misalignment)
  • Radiculopathy (pinched nerves as a result of damage to the muscles, bones, tendons or cartilage around the spine)
  • Tailbone injuries (Slipping backward often causes injuries around the lower spine and tailbone. The tailbone can become bruised and cause severe pain for up to a month)
  • Herniated Disc (Ruptured, slipped or pulled disc)
  • Spinal cord injury causing a loss of feeling below the affected area

Some of these injuries can be healed with time, rest and pain medication, but others require surgery or extensive treatment. Back pain is particularly debilitating for most Americans.

Determining Liability and Pursuing a Lawsuit

If your slip and fall accident occurred on someone else’s property, then it may be possible to receive compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. Courtrooms will analyze whether the property owner acted reasonably to prevent the dangerous condition that led to your injury or not, and they will also consider the level of carelessness displayed by the victim. In situations where the property owner is found to have acted negligently, the victim will be compensated for the losses associated with the injury.

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