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Alleged Fall Over Ship Rail Leads To Premises Liability Suit

Getting injured on a business property in Pennsylvania can cause emotional duress on top of physical pain and financial challenges. One woman recently experienced this type of situation in another state when she allegedly fell on city property. More specifically, the woman claimed to have fallen over a railing that was part of an ocean liner tourist attraction. She has thus filed a premises liability lawsuit against the city in charge of maintaining the ship.

The woman said she was sitting near the railing during a ship event and was trying to get into a new position in order to start climbing down the deck. However, when she tried to grab the railing, she ended up losing her grip. The woman fell over the railing of the seaside attraction and ended up in the water about 100 feet below. She said this was due to dangerous and unstable conditions.

As a result of the fall, the woman reportedly suffered debilitating injuries, including many fractures of the right arm. Besides suing the city, she has filed a suit against the company that holds the city-owned ship’s lease as well as the principal lender of the vessel. The woman alleged premises liability and negligence, saying that the defendants should have warned guests about the hazards or blocked the hazardous area off.

As part of the suit, the woman is pursuing an unspecified amount in damages. When people in Pennsylvania are hurt on someone else’s property due to the property owner’s negligence, they have the right to seek to hold the property owner accountable. Financial restitution in a successfully litigated premises liability case may result in monetary relief for the victim.

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