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After Explosions Pennsylvania Families Deal With Aftermath

Recently, firefighters responded late one evening to an explosion at a Pennsylvania home. When they arrived, they saw that the house was completely destroyed. The force of the blast had blown sections of the building nearly 150 feet away and shook the walls of neighboring homes. The residents of the home, a couple and their two children, were trapped in the rubble; in fact, the woman was pinned under a wall and had to be extricated by firefighters. Having seen explosions like this before, firefighters expected the worst.

Amazingly, all four occupants escaped critical injuries. This confounded the fire chief given the severity of the explosion. Many bystanders agreed that the blast should have killed anyone in the building. What could have been a devastating tragedy was being called a miracle.

Still, the family lost their home and all their belongings. The community rallied with donations and fundraisers, but the loss was total. While their injuries were not life-threatening, some family members did seem to be hurt. People may take years to recover from an event like this, especially if their injuries were serious enough to require hospitalization or to miss work.

The investigation into the cause of the blast is centering on the propane tank. If authorities find a fault or defect in the tank, this family may consider taking legal action. While remaining grateful to have escaped with their lives, they may decide that someone should be held responsible if this accident was preventable. People in Pennsylvania whose lives are changed by propane explosions may contact an attorney to investigate their claims and help them determine liability.  

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