5 Things to Do After a Crash Involving an Uber Car

November 8, 2017

what to do after a car accident involving Uber Pittsburgh, PA

Incredibly, Uber facilitates over 40 million car rides every month. Forbes reports that there were over 2 billion Uber rides from the time the company started until 2016. The company currently services 652 locations including some of the busiest cities around the globe. Unfortunately, even the most vigilant Uber drivers can still be caught up in an unavoidable collision that causes passengers to sustain injuries. If you are the victim of a motor vehicle accident as an Uber passenger, then there are a few steps you need to take to ensure your rights are protected.

Immediately following a crash, you should always notify the police. If your Uber driver tries to reassure you that the cops do not need to be involved, then politely inform him that you need to report the accident to protect your rights. An official police report is necessary because it verifies that an accident did occur. Police will also document additional evidence to support any future claims. Some injuries may not be obvious immediately after the incident, but make sure to report any symptoms you do have to the police. If you are able, then take photographs and document any details of the crash you can. Take your Uber driver’s contact information and insurance data.

If you suspect you may be injured, then make sure to visit a hospital as soon as possible. Next, you will need to notify your own insurance company about your accident. You don’t need to give a recorded statement or detail your injuries, but simply make them aware of the incident so that you can open a medical claim.

The most important thing you should do after you’re involved in a crash is hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to advise you on your claim. Expert attorneys Goodrich and Geist have a combined 50 years of experience representing clients injured in motor vehicle accidents, and they can handle complex cases such as injuries arising during Uber rides. To speak with our representatives, contact our office at 412-837-8426 or via our online contact form.

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