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Infant Dies In Elevator Of Dangerous Property

Because of the often brutal scenes first responders in Pennsylvania and elsewhere witness every day, it may take a lot to rattle them. However, a recent tragic accident in the elevator shaft of a dangerous property left some rescue workers visibly shaken. The incident has also raised the ire of many tenants and may result in serious consequences for the…
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Night Clubs Accused Of Over Serving A Customer After Deadly Crash

In Pennsylvania and across the country, many bar owners take seriously their responsibility to keep their patrons safe by monitoring their alcohol intake. They know that over-serving a customer may have devastating consequences. Two night clubs in another state are facing those consequences now because four police officers were involved in a deadly accident after leaving those establishments. Around 5…
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Woman Badly Injured In Fall On Dangerous Property

A fall, even at ground level, may cause life-changing injuries. If one is fortunate to avoid hitting one’s head, he or she still may suffer back injuries or broken bones. A person in Pennsylvania who trips and falls on a dangerous property has every right to seek compensation from the owner of the property. A woman in another state suffers…
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