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4 Deaths Blamed On Bars Alleged Over Serving A Customer

In some cases involving DUI in Pennsylvania, a bar may have over-served a customer, which led the person to become intoxicated before getting behind the wheel. In these situations, the bar may be held liable. In one recent case involving over-serving a customer, a bar might face civil liability as well as criminal liability for giving too much alcohol to…
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Premises Liability Suit Filed Against Sorority

When someone in Pennsylvania fails to take care of his or her property adequately, an individual visiting the property may end up being hurt, which can be grounds for a lawsuit. One member of a university sorority in another state filed a legal suit against the sorority after her Achilles tendon ended up being severed in the sorority residence’s doorway….
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Fire In Bellevue A Tragic Reminder To Check Smoke Alarms

The fire that killed the Lasch family is a tragic reminder to check your smoke alarms.  While the investigation is still ongoing, the family died from smoke inhalation.  There may not have been working smoke alarms in the home.  It appears that the home was a rental property.  In Pennsylvania, the landlord is responsible for making sure there are working…
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Dangerous Property Often Leads To Injury In Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania property owner is obligated to make reasonable efforts to keep visitors safe. Some may be astounded to learn that more than 17,000 deaths occur each year due to dangerous property accidents that may have been preventable. These fatalities are in addition to the million or more individuals who are injured in similar circumstances. At Goodrich

Stabbing Allegedly Caused By Taverns Over Serving A Customer

Bars in Pennsylvania may be held accountable for injuries that people suffer at the hands of other patrons who were over-served alcohol. One person in another state recently asserted that a drunk person at a bar stabbed him. He has thus filed a lawsuit against not only the man but also the establishment, alleging that it was responsible for over-serving…
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