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Premises Liability Claim Filed Against Fire Company

When a business in Pennsylvania fails to maintain its property in a safe condition, individuals who visit the property may suffer injuries that prevent them from leading normal lives, either temporarily or even permanently. One woman in another state recently said she was injured when she slipped and fell while at a fire company. She filed a premises liability suit against…
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Property Owners May Be Liable For Negligent Security

When you think about dangerous conditions on properties, you often think of situations like icy walkways, slippery floors or improperly maintained swimming pools. While these are certainly causes for concern, and in some cases legal action, there are other conditions that can put people in harm’s way if property owners do not address them appropriately. One such hazard is negligent…
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Bar Sued For Allegedly Over Serving A Customer

Establishments that serve alcohol in Pennsylvania legally cannot serve patrons who are obviously already intoxicated. If they do this, they may be held liable. One woman in a recent out-of-state case has accused a bar of over-serving a customer who ended up attacking her. A legal suit was filed against the bar, alleging that the establishment violated the Dramshop Act….
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