2 Employees Injured In Fire And Explosion After Propane Leak

May 29, 2014

2 employees injured in fire and explosion after propane leak

Building safety is always vital to ensure protection for individuals who may enter the premises. However, especially in older buildings, potentially hazardous conditions may exist that do not become apparent until a fire and explosion actually occurs.

Arguably, the best way for building owners in Pittsburgh to avoid an accident in a structure meant for public use, such as an apartment building or a business, is to have regular inspections. The lack of routine or even intermittent inspections raises the possibility that the building owner or landlord may become subject to premises liability claims, especially if an accident occurs that raises questions of negligence.

Recently an explosion occurred in an office building in Maryland due to an apparent propane leak in the basement. What caused the leak is not immediately apparent, nor is the ignition source. The building where the incident took place was a small, remodeled schoolhouse from the 19th century.

Two employees of the business that was operating in the building were injured, one of them critically with first-degree burns and second-degree burns.

Accidents are an unfortunate part of life, and the possibility of one happening to you or to someone you care about can never be completely eliminated; but building accidents involving gas leaks, explosions and fires often are preventable, and anyone injured in such an avoidable occurrence may be able to gain recompense from a negligent property owner for medical expenses, other costs and possibly even punitive damages in certain cases.

If you are the victim of a fire or explosion, it is important to seek the helpful and knowledgeable advice of a legal professional to understand your options and how to proceed. The Baltimore Sun, “Propane leak blamed in building explosion that injured two in Carroll County” May 16, 2014