1 Dead 2 Injured In House Leveling Western Pa Explosion

March 19, 2013

1 dead, 2 injured in house-leveling western PA explosion

It is a common practice for us to think of our homes as our sanctuaries. The last place we expect disaster to strike is inside the four walls of these castles. Protection against such events is supposed to be a given due to the building codes and other precautions that are required across Pennsylvania. Still, disasters do strike and the results can be life-changing for the victims and their families.

One such event is under investigation right now out in Patton, about 70 miles east of Pittsburgh. According to authorities, one person is dead and two others are hospitalized after a house-leveling explosion this morning. Whether the blast may have been caused by a natural gas leak or some other source hasn’t been determined. Indeed, police haven’t identified any of the victims.

The home is said to be owned by a 44-year-old man. But officials reportedly have indicated that he is not the person who died in the explosion. Neighbors say the house was home to a family of five, but again, no identities have been given. The homeowner’s 72-year-old father told The Associated Press that he is planning to make the trip from his home in Florida to be on hand if he’s needed, but he says officials haven’t told him anything about what happened.

There are some reports floating around that the home explosion might have been the result of a methamphetamine lab blowing up. But police have backed away from that characterization. All they’re saying now is that explosives experts and other investigators are going through the home’s wreckage trying to determine the cause.

One thing is certain. There are at least two people who have suffered serious enough injuries to require their being hospitalized. To be sure they are compensated and have the greatest opportunity for recovery, they would be well advised to be in touch with an attorney quickly. Source: SFGate.com, “Police unsure what caused fatal Pa. house blast,” March 19, 2013