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Car accident takes life of Ligonier police officer

A Ligonier police officer killed while on patrol duty by a van travelling in the wrong direction.  The officer, Lieutenant Eric Eslary, was a 17 year veteran of the force, husband and father of six children.  This tragedy may be even more tragic if Lt. Eslary's family is not able to recover the Underinsured Motorist benefits from his personal auto insurance policy.

Car accidents, potholes, and other road defects

The winter season left us with its share of defective roadways and potholes, but this spring seems to be much worse than recent years. Sure, there's nothing worse than driving peacefully along the road, only to be jolted by a giant hole big enough to cause alignment damage and perhaps even worse. But we live in Western Pennsylvania where we know we must endure weather extremes and roads that are not properly stabilized, turning potholes in nightmares.

Bus and car accidents

When most people get into their vehicles, whether as a driver or passenger, they immediately reach for the seat belt and ensure the device is fastened prior to the vehicle being in motion. For the 700 million plus people who use on commercial buses like PAT in the United States each year, buckling a seatbelt is not an option.

Car accidents caused by texting and driving

Many car accidents happen because of negligence. That's a simple fact. Driving drunk is a clear case of negligence. It's widely understood that drinking and driving is dangerous to for both the driver who imbibes and others with whom he or she shares the road. What many people do not know is that texting and driving is now being viewed by many experts as more dangerous than drinking and driving, causing a large percentage of car accidents throughout the United States and here in Western Pennsylvania. A study from last year found that texting and driving for the new number one cause of death while driving.

Filing lawsuits after fires or explosions

When homes in Pennsylvania are subject to fires or explosions, the resulting losses are sometimes difficult to come to terms with. Not only can loved ones and family pets perish in the blaze, but irreplaceable items with great sentimental value may be lost forever. Even if all family members escape a fire without injury, the following weeks and months can be extremely challenging. If you have experienced a house fire, your budget may be stretched to breaking point by the need to replace numerous items at one time. You may also be forced to deal with the upheaval of living in temporary accommodation if the damage to your home was severe.

Truck accidents and FMCSA requirements

Drivers of commercial trucks have a lot of responsibilities. Due to a commercial tractor trailer's size and weight, truck accidents are particularly dangerous and often result in serious injuries or death. In response to several recent high-profile truck accidents, the federal agency tasked with regulating the safety and use of commercial tractor trailers and smaller trucks is stepping up safety inspection efforts.

Wrongful death at prisons a serious issue

Prison inmates have rights. This is often forgotten by the people who care for them. Some of these people, who struggled through a hard time in their life or were caught up in the wrong crowd at the wrong time, end up paying the ultimate price when they are not properly cared for while serving their time. In situations where prison staff were so negligent to the point that someone under their supervision is seriously dies, that inmate's family may have a potential wrongful death claim against the negligent party and prison where he or she is employed.

Fatal car accidents on the decline, according to PennDoT

PennDoT recently published a report indicating that Pennsylvania roads and car accidents may no longer be as synonymous as they once were. Statistics displayed that, while nearly 1300 lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents in 2013, the numbers each year for car accidents and car accident deaths are steadily declining.

Wrongful death an issue at Allegheny County Jail

Investigations into wrongful death claims at the Allegheny County Jail is well above the national average. This comes as no surprise as, just a year ago, a new medical vendor began cutting costs while also trying to improve care...and the two things just don't add up.

Wrongful death claims for fatal work accidents

When most people wake up in the morning in Western Pennsylvania for work, they do not think that they'll be in some kind of accident that could be potentially fatal. Often on this blog, we relay stories to our readers about forklift accidents. Not too long ago we posted a blog about a gas drilling company worker who was killed during a work-related accident that involved a forklift. Last week, sadly, another industry worker in Pennsylvania was killed in an accident also involving a forklift.

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