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Truck accidents and causes

Truck accidents between tractor trailer drivers and passenger vehicles seems to be on the rise in our region. As such, injuries and deaths associated with these accidents are also on the rise in Pennsylvania. Truck drivers individually log hundreds of thousands of miles a year and the companies they work for count on their drivers to meet time-sensitive deadlines that could otherwise cost them thousands of dollars if those deadlines are not met. Although many truckers tend to get a bad rap, the truth is that the majority of them follow company policies and federal laws; however, there will always be those few who make poor decisions and break the rules for their own selfish benefit.

Pennsylvania truck accidents attorneys

Truck accidents have been plaguing our area of late. It's that time of year when construction gets underway after winter and more drivers make their way out, making all of our commutes just that much more difficult to and from school, and during our afternoon lunch breaks. Interstates 76, 79, 80, and 90 seem so much more busy and difficult to traverse. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck, it's important that you lock down a trustworthy Pennsylvania truck accidents lawyer to represent you against the trucking company, the driver, and any other third party that may be held accountable.

Truck accidents around Pittsburgh

Following truck accidents, it is possible that those involved will suffer serious injuries, or even worse. When truck accidents occur it is not surprising that someone who is hurt might seek compensation for their injuries from the driver or drivers responsible for the crash. But just what is necessary to successful in this type of case?

Truck accidents and FMCSA requirements

Drivers of commercial trucks have a lot of responsibilities. Due to a commercial tractor trailer's size and weight, truck accidents are particularly dangerous and often result in serious injuries or death. In response to several recent high-profile truck accidents, the federal agency tasked with regulating the safety and use of commercial tractor trailers and smaller trucks is stepping up safety inspection efforts.

Car accidents during inclement weather

There are certain safety precautions that everyone should take while traveling in inclement weather. As months of snow and ice approach us, you and your loved ones should be extra cautious. There are safety driving tips that all drivers should consider following while in this time of terrible weather that will reduce car accidents and help to ensure you and your family arrive to your next destination alive and well.

Car accidents and red light camera legislation

After years of legislative roadblocks, Pittsburgh finally got cameras on poles near traffic lights at busy intersections over the last year. With the ability to snap photos of license plates of cars speeding through red lights, these cameras are finally attracting positive attention from legislators. There may even be a vote before the legislature adjourns for summer recess. The goal of these cameras is to reduce car accidents; however, some feel that the cameras' presence can cause some drivers to make sudden moves or abruptly stop while in an intersection.

Car accidents abound throughout Western PA this morning

Freezing rain and frigid temperatures around the region prompted school districts from throughout Western Pennsylvania to delay or close today. It also caused many car accidents along major corridors, such as Interstate 79, Interstate 76, Routes 65, 51, 19, and the major parkways.

Pennsylvania affected by possible insurance pricing scheme

The Consumer Federation of America is warning of a pricing strategy being used in approximately 12 states, including Pennsylvania, to increase auto insurance premiums illegally. The practice is known as price optimization, and the pricing models are reportedly designed to raise rates for those who are unlikely to search for better rates. The alleged goal of the scheme is to increase company profits.

Honda recalling cars with defective products

Honda has recalled driver side airbags throughout the United States. Takata Corporation, manufacturers of the airbags, has made several statements about the defective products since the recall about the problem. According to officials, the airbags explode with so much force that they can shoot metal shrapnel are car pieces into the passenger's side compartment. The airbag maker insists that the recall, that now covers approximately 8 million vehicles in areas of the United States with high humidity, is sufficient enough; however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says otherwise. The NHTSA believes the recall should be nationwide because of accidents that have happened outside of areas with high humidity. 

Sleep-deprived drivers cause car accidents

A person who is sleep-deprived behind the wheel is just as likely to cause a car accident as someone impaired by alcohol. The National Transportation Safety Board has been on a mission since 1967 to educate the country on the dangers of sleep fatigue. The NTSB proposes safety guidelines to federal and state governments as well as private companies.

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