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Filing lawsuits after fires or explosions

When homes in Pennsylvania are subject to fires or explosions, the resulting losses are sometimes difficult to come to terms with. Not only can loved ones and family pets perish in the blaze, but irreplaceable items with great sentimental value may be lost forever. Even if all family members escape a fire without injury, the following weeks and months can be extremely challenging. If you have experienced a house fire, your budget may be stretched to breaking point by the need to replace numerous items at one time. You may also be forced to deal with the upheaval of living in temporary accommodation if the damage to your home was severe.

Christmas Eve explosion & fire still under investigation

Fires or explosions can devastate families around the holidays and during the winter months. While some fires or explosions are born from manmade acts of negligence, others are caused by a defective product or manufacturing issue that was eventually bound to prove costly. If you've been injured in fires or explosions, you may have a personal injury claim against a manufacturer or an owner or landlord of a property.

Fires or explosions around the holidays

Fires or explosions around the holidays are common in Western Pennsylvania. Generally, however, the fires and explosions that occur around the holidays happen in peoples' homes when they are cooking or having a party; but fires or explosions can happen anytime, anywhere, including office buildings, construction sites, and other types of businesses.

The variety of burn classifications

For those who suffer a burn injury on a property located in Pennsylvania, it may be worthwhile to understand the severity of such an injury. While there are technically four burn degrees, most doctors use a chart that has three. Both classification charts are correct. A first degree burn is a burn that includes only the outer layer of the skin.

College student dies in off-campus fire

A college sophomore in Pennsylvania was killed after a fire broke out in a two-and-a-half story building in Reading. The deceased man was reportedly in the basement of the student housing and unable to escape before succumbing to his injuries. Although firefighters were able to locate the man, he was found dead when they arrived.

Exploding oil tank injures worker in Pennsylvania

According to Pennsylvania authorities, a 52-year-old man was injured on Aug. 5 after a crude oil tank exploded at a recycling company. The accident occurred in Bradford around 11:20 a.m. at Metalico Bradford Goodman Services when the man was attempting to cut through an oil tank with a gasoline-powered saw.

Propane tank safety tips for your summertime barbecues

With Independence Day now behind us, but still a good month and a half before Labor Day, propane safety should be on everyone's minds. More than 75% of American households own and use propane gas grills at least once a month. Over the next few months, there will be countless Americans who will host backyard barbecues to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or maybe just a beautiful summer day; however, before you do, make sure that you know a little bit about propane safety.

2 employees injured in fire and explosion after propane leak

Building safety is always vital to ensure protection for individuals who may enter the premises. However, especially in older buildings, potentially hazardous conditions may exist that do not become apparent until a fire and explosion actually occurs.

Fire caused by explosion leaves three dead in Indiana County

A fire believed to be caused by an explosion in Indiana County took the lives of a nine-year-old girl and her mom and dad early Sunday morning. The accident happened west of Indiana proper in White Township. The family's two dogs were also killed in the fire. The family was found dead together in a back bedroom.

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