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Dangerous property with faulty elevator leads to liability claim

It is commonly expected that property owners who open their doors to the public will ensure the proper maintenance of their premises. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, and thousands of people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere suffer injuries in accidents caused by dangerous property every year. Many such accidents are serious, and obtaining compensation for related expenses is easier said than done.

Man claims dangerous property at Walmart caused his injuries

A quick visit to a retail establishment in Pennsylvania may end up costing a person more than he or she ever imagined if the property has not been properly maintained. A poorly maintained property can easily cause a person to trip and fall, thus resulting in serious injuries. One man in another state said he was recently hurt on dangerous property while shopping at a Walmart store and has filed a civil claim against the retail giant.

Alleged dangerous property leads to man's injuries

A trip to the restaurant for lunch or dinner can quickly end up leading to a trip to the doctor's office or hospital emergency room in the event of a slip-and-fall incident. When a person in Pennsylvania falls on dangerous property that has not been properly kept up by its owner, the individual can easily develop injuries. One person in another state said he recently suffered injuries after slipping at a restaurant and is now suing the establishment.

Dangerous property can lead to slip-and-fall accident

When entering another person's property in Pennsylvania, sometimes people end up slipping and falling due to a hazard at the premises. This type of incident can quickly lead to physically painful and financially costly injuries. In this case, the owner of the allegedly dangerous property may be held financially responsible for the injuries resulting from such a slip-and-fall accident.

Woman says dangerous property at condo caused her injuries

Pennsylvania business property owners and managers are responsible for keeping their grounds safe. Otherwise, those walking on the property can easily injure themselves, particularly by slipping and then falling on dangerous property. One woman in a different state recently suffered injuries in an apparent slip-and-fall accident on the property of a condo and has sued the condo association as well as two insurance companies.

Man claims injuries stemmed from dangerous property at casino

After experiencing a slip-and-fall accident in Pennsylvania, a person's life has the potential to change dramatically. For instance, the person may face a stay in the hospital, numerous surgeries or even extensive rehabilitation. One person in another state recently filed a premises liability suit after reportedly slipping and falling on dangerous property.

Man dies after slip-and-fall on allegedly dangerous property

When a person slips and falls on another person's property in Pennsylvania, it is not uncommon for the individual to suffer injuries. However, in one out-of-state case, a man who allegedly slipped and fell on dangerous property ended up dying as a result of the fall. His wife is now suing the restaurant to which the parking lot belonged.

Dangerous property reportedly causes woman's slip and fall

A person in Pennsylvania can easily be seriously injured on someone else's property simply because the property is not properly maintained. This is the situation that one person in another state is facing after claiming that she slipped and fell in her apartment. She is now suing the complex's owner, claiming that a leaky air conditioner caused the apartment to become dangerous property.

Woman claims landlord kept dangerous property, files suit

Renters naturally expect their places of residence to be safe. Sometimes, however, accidents are inevitable, leading a tenant in Pennsylvania to suffer major injuries. One tenant at an apartment complex in another state was recently injured in a slip-and-fall accident that she said occurred on dangerous property.

Woman claims she slipped on black ice on dangerous property

When a person slips and falls on ice in Pennsylvania, the incident can deal a blow to the person not only physically but also financially. One woman in an out-of-state case is currently suing a plowing company after she said she slipped and fell on dangerous property. The incident reportedly occurred in the parking lot of a hospital.

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