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Sexual assault in school | Is inadequate security to blame?

Schools are supposed to be safe places for Pennsylvania children. However, news reports often feature stories about assault that takes places in educational facilities. From schoolyard beatings to outright sexual assault, how can the state and even the nation better deal with these harmful and unacceptable behaviors?

Facts about violence perpetrated in American hospitals

Hospitals are typically thought of as safe, benign places. Many Pennsylvania residents never give a second thought to security issues when frequenting hospitals in the state. Unfortunately, hospitals are somewhat prone to violent acts. The question is how to address inadequate security and reduce acts of violence perpetrated on hospital property.

Premises liability due to inadequate security

Premises liability covers a wide range of incidents that could cause a person to suffer from injuries, including inadequate security measures. While it can be a complex area of the law when it comes to proving fault, you only need to understand a few things to know if you have grounds for a claim. We hope this blog post about inadequate security will help you determine if you can seek a legal remedy for your injuries.

Rapper claims premises liability against venue after shooting

Some in Pennsylvania may feel that performers in the world of hip-hop are often create controversy. Currently, rapper Troy Ave is embroiled in legal issues stemming from a shooting incident at a recent concert in another state. While he is building a defense against accusations of his own criminal conduct, the rapper is also firm in his allegations that premises liability is the real reason for the incident.

Inadequate security may mean premises liability for nightclubs

Blocks away from the scene of the recent horrific nightclub shooting, a security guard stands his post outside another local establishment. Despite the heightened fear among night life crowds, nothing has changed at this bar. He is still the only line of defense between patrons and a violent attack. When people in Pennsylvania and across the country go out for a night of fun, they may not worry about premises liability at nightclubs.

Best Buy faces premises liability claim

An injury can easily take place on a business property in Pennsylvania if the property owner has not exercised adequate care in keeping the property free of hazards. One man recently claimed he suffered injuries at a Best Buy store due to the store's negligence. He has filed a premises liability lawsuit against the electronics store in light of his injuries.

Property owners may be liable for negligent security

When you think about dangerous conditions on properties, you often think of situations like icy walkways, slippery floors or improperly maintained swimming pools. While these are certainly causes for concern, and in some cases legal action, there are other conditions that can put people in harm's way if property owners do not address them appropriately.

Man files premises liability suit against Hardee's

Companies have a duty to ensure that their properties are safe for members of the public to use. If this fails to happen at a business in Pennsylvania, a person who ends up being injured on the business's property has the right to file a premises liability suit against the establishment. In one out-of-state case, an 87-year-old man recently filed a suit against Hardee's Restaurants after he said he was attached on the property.

Woman awarded over $6 million in dangerous property case

When properties in Pennsylvania are unsafe for visitors, including featuring inadequate security, this can cause a person to suffer harm, which can have lifelong physical or psychological effects. One woman in an out-of-state case said she was attacked and raped in a parking garage that was not secure. She was recently awarded over $6.6 million in the dangerous property case.

Woman says city's dangerous property led to her concussion

If a person in Pennsylvania falls on property that has not been kept up by the property owner, this is grounds for a civil suit. One woman in a recent out-of-state case filed a lawsuit against a city after she said she slipped and fell on an icy area on public property. The city was found guilty of negligence in this case involving dangerous property.

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