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Slip & Fall Accidents Archives

Woman badly injured in fall on dangerous property

A fall, even at ground level, may cause life-changing injuries. If one is fortunate to avoid hitting one's head, he or she still may suffer back injuries or broken bones. A person in Pennsylvania who trips and falls on a dangerous property has every right to seek compensation from the owner of the property.

Man wins premises liability claim despite warnings of danger

Businesses in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are required to alert customers of any hazards they may encounter. This is why stores place signs in areas where the floor may be wet. If a customer falls after being alerted to a slipping danger, it may be more difficult for that person to prove premises liability. However, one man in another state recently won a substantial judgement despite posted warnings.

Premises liability claim filed against Save-A-Lot

If a store in Pennsylvania features a hazard that causes injuries to a customer, it is within the customer's right to try to hold the store financially responsible for his or her injuries. In one case in another state, a man claimed he suffered injuries while at the supermarket chain store Save-A-Lot. He has thus filed a premises liability lawsuit against the store and the store's supervisor, alleging negligence.

Premises liability claim involving banana filed against Walmart

A seemingly minor slip-and-fall accident may lead to major problems for a customer in Pennsylvania. In another state, a woman claimed she suffered injuries in a slip-and-fall accident at a Walmart. She has thus filed a premises liability claim against the retail giant.

Dangerous property blamed for man's slip and fall

Property owners in Pennsylvania are responsible for making sure that their premises are safe enough for visitors to use. In one case in a different state, the property owner allegedly failed to do this, causing an individual to suffer an injury in a slip-and-fall accident. The injured party recently sued the property owner, alleging dangerous property.

Premises liability suit filed against school district

If a business owner in Pennsylvania fails to make his or her property safe for visitors and a visitor ends up being injured on the property, the business owner may be held financially responsible for the injuries. In one out-of-state case, a man claims that he fell and hurt himself at a school district's property. He has filed a premises liability suit against the district.

Premises liability claim filed following alleged slip-and-fall

A slip-and-fall accident in Pennsylvania may unfortunately result in injuries whose effects are long lasting. One man in a recent out-of-state case reported that he suffered injuries on dangerous property belonging to a hotel casino. The man has decided to file a premises liability lawsuit against the company.

Premises liability claim filed against fire company

When a business in Pennsylvania fails to maintain its property in a safe condition, individuals who visit the property may suffer injuries that prevent them from leading normal lives, either temporarily or even permanently. One woman in another state recently said she was injured when she slipped and fell while at a fire company. She filed a premises liability suit against the company.

Premises liability claim filed against bowling alley

Slipping and falling may lead to major injuries, which can prevent a person in Pennsylvania from leading a normal life. In one recent out-of-state case, a woman claimed that she slipped and fell at a bowling alley due to the business's negligence. She has filed a premises liability claim against the company.

YMCA sued after allegedly having dangerous property

A quickly occurring trip-and-fall accident in Pennsylvania may unfortunately result in long-lasting or even permanent injuries. One woman in another state recently said she tripped and fell on dangerous property belonging to a YMCA branch. She has filed a lawsuit against the nonprofit organization as a result.

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