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Infant dies in elevator of dangerous property

Because of the often brutal scenes first responders in Pennsylvania and elsewhere witness every day, it may take a lot to rattle them. However, a recent tragic accident in the elevator shaft of a dangerous property left some rescue workers visibly shaken. The incident has also raised the ire of many tenants and may result in serious consequences for the building's owner.

Dangerous property attracts teenagers, leads to tragedy

It is not always easy to keep trespassers off one's property, especially if there is something enticing that draws people in. Swimming pools, for example, are considered "attractive nuisances" because children are likely to approach them without fearing danger. In some cases, property owners in Pennsylvania and other states may leave buildings or other structures abandoned, and teenagers may use these places for private hangouts or daring adventures. However, when abandoned structures become dilapidated, the owner of the dangerous property may be liable for any injuries.

Agency risks premises liability claims for crumbling buildings

Owners of private property in Pennsylvania are generally responsible for the maintenance and safety of their buildings. However, in Philadelphia, over a hundred buildings stand vacant and crumbling. These buildings are owned by the local housing authority and have been cited on numerous occasions over recent years for serious violations, leaving the agency open to premises liability complaints.

Dangerous property causes injury, forces residents to evacuate

When a person in Pennsylvania rents an apartment, he or she assumes the place will be safe and habitable. When things go wrong, a call to the landlord or building manager usually brings someone to make repairs or somehow mediate the problem. However, if the building owner lets the property decline to the point where it becomes a dangerous property, tenants may end up getting hurt.

Premises liability: Slip and falls are sometimes prevantable

Taking an unexpected tumble is never a pleasant experience. Slip and fall accidents in Pennsylvania may land a person in the emergency room with broken bones, a back injury or a concussion. While recovering from such an accident, a person may begin to wonder if he or she has a premises liability claim.

Injuries blamed on courthouse's allegedly dangerous property

When people in Pennsylvania are hurt on a property that has not been properly maintained, it is within their rights to seek legal recourse against the property owner and/or other parties in possession of it. In one out-of-state case, a woman claimed she suffered serious injuries when she fell down some stairs at a courthouse. She and her husband recently decided to sue the county government, alleging dangerous property conditons.

Premises liability suit filed against club following shooting

When a business owner in Pennsylvania fails to keep his or her property secure, someone at the establishment may end up getting hurt or even killed. In this situation, that business owner can be held liable. One woman in another state recently filed a premises liability suit against a club on behalf of her son, who died at the club after being shot in the head during a show.

Premises liability suit filed against sorority

When someone in Pennsylvania fails to take care of his or her property adequately, an individual visiting the property may end up being hurt, which can be grounds for a lawsuit. One member of a university sorority in another state filed a legal suit against the sorority after her Achilles tendon ended up being severed in the sorority residence's doorway. The two parties recently settled the premises liability case out of court.

Dangerous property often leads to injury in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania property owner is obligated to make reasonable efforts to keep visitors safe. Some may be astounded to learn that more than 17,000 deaths occur each year due to dangerous property accidents that may have been preventable. These fatalities are in addition to the million or more individuals who are injured in similar circumstances.

Man files premises liability lawsuit against Home Depot

Sometimes, the carelessness of business entities in Pennsylvania causes patrons to suffer serious injuries or even death. A woman in another state lost her life after reportedly being struck by a Home Depot automatic door. Her husband recently filed a premises liability suit against the home improvement store, seeking a judgment for monetary damages.

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