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Samsung owners stung twice by recalls

For Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners seeking to relieve boredom on holiday flights, reading books and magazines had to suffice as distractions because their phones were banned from planes. In October, the Department of Transportation (DOT) prohibited the smartphones from being brought onto the plane via carry on or stowed luggage. Previous to this order, the DOT allowed the phone owners to bring their devices onto the plane if the phones remained powered down. Having received many reports of the phones overheating, however, the agency decided to the phones presented a risk to air traffic safety in any capacity-powered on or off.

Some smoke detectors are defective products

Many people believe that all smoke detectors are created equal. In many ways, they are, but it's not entirely true. Most smoke detectors do just that; they monitor for smoke in the home. But did you know that there is a lot more to keeping your home safe from fire than simply being alerted that there is smoke in your house? Today, we would like to talk about what to look for in a smoke detector, the differences in various types of smoke detectors, and how to keep you and your family safe by choosing the best smoke detector out there. Because if your smoke detector fails, you may have a defective products claim against the detector's manufacturer.

Defective products: ineffective smoke alarms can be deadly

Defective products like car parts heavy machinery can leave a devastating last impression on families of victims, as we have seen in the recent past with stories out of General Motors and the various equipment failures that lead to serious injuries and death on work sites. But one area where many don't consider the manufacturing negligence of defective products is with smoke detectors. In some cases, smoke detectors and fire alarms do not sense intense heat; therefore, some electrical fires and other types of fires that start inside of walls do not get noticed until it is already too late.

Honda recalling cars with defective products

Honda has recalled driver side airbags throughout the United States. Takata Corporation, manufacturers of the airbags, has made several statements about the defective products since the recall about the problem. According to officials, the airbags explode with so much force that they can shoot metal shrapnel are car pieces into the passenger's side compartment. The airbag maker insists that the recall, that now covers approximately 8 million vehicles in areas of the United States with high humidity, is sufficient enough; however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says otherwise. The NHTSA believes the recall should be nationwide because of accidents that have happened outside of areas with high humidity. 

Defective products kill: young man dies when car jack fails

When we use machinery and devices that are put into place to keep us safe, we expect those devices to do the job they were manufactured to do. When those devices or products fail and seriously injure or kill someone, the fault lies with the product's manufacturer and/or the business that sold it to the victim. When people are injured by these defective products, they need sound, experienced representation to fight for them against corporate attorneys and insurance companies that attempt to settle for pennies on the dollar.

Window cords are an unlikely danger

Defective products in the home can be a deadly combination. Recalls on vehicles and machinery often take precedence over household products due to the nature of laws; however, there are defective products in homes all over the country where mothers and fathers who aren't aware of the potential problems just a few feet away from their child's toy box or play pen. When products are designed and safety features fail, or if a product is dangerous and no safety precautions are taken upon going to market, people and their families can get hurt. If you've been hurt by a defective product, or you have lost someone close to you because of the negligence of a manufacturer, you may have a possible defective product or wrongful death case.

Flux of window fall accidents spark safety device debates

Recent statistics gathered by the National Safe Kids Campaign show that an average of 4700 children in the United States are treated after a fall out of a window on an annual basis. Of those 4700 children who fall, between 12 and 20 die each year because of these falls and most of those deaths happen to children below the age of five.  

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