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September 2016 Archives

Dangerous property attracts teenagers, leads to tragedy

It is not always easy to keep trespassers off one's property, especially if there is something enticing that draws people in. Swimming pools, for example, are considered "attractive nuisances" because children are likely to approach them without fearing danger. In some cases, property owners in Pennsylvania and other states may leave buildings or other structures abandoned, and teenagers may use these places for private hangouts or daring adventures. However, when abandoned structures become dilapidated, the owner of the dangerous property may be liable for any injuries.

Husband of murder victim sues because of dangerous property

In Pennsylvania or any state, a gated community may be one of the last places a person would expect a gruesome murder to take place. Gated communities typically have secured entrances and fences or walls surrounding the homes to prevent the entrance of strangers. Nevertheless, a family living in such a neighborhood in another state is suing the property's manager and security detail, claiming the inadequate security actually made their home a dangerous property.

Samsung cell phone explosions spark unprecedented recall

One of the most highly anticipated smartphones to hit the market is now at the center of an unprecedented worldwide recall. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has voluntarily recalled its popular Galaxy Note 7 phone in the United States and nine other countries. However, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission expects to issue an official recall of the defective and dangerous product. Consumers in Pennsylvania should be aware that the lithium-ion batteries in the phones have been reported to cause explosions and fires.

Hooters accused of over-serving a customer following teen dies

In Pennsylvania, a night out with the guys can be a fun time to let loose and enjoy each other's company. This can be especially true if one is away from home. However, for one young man, such a night ended in tragedy. Now his family is left trying to understand what happened, and a popular restaurant is facing charges of over\-serving a customer.

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