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August 2016 Archives

Agency risks premises liability claims for crumbling buildings

Owners of private property in Pennsylvania are generally responsible for the maintenance and safety of their buildings. However, in Philadelphia, over a hundred buildings stand vacant and crumbling. These buildings are owned by the local housing authority and have been cited on numerous occasions over recent years for serious violations, leaving the agency open to premises liability complaints.

Man wins premises liability claim despite warnings of danger

Businesses in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are required to alert customers of any hazards they may encounter. This is why stores place signs in areas where the floor may be wet. If a customer falls after being alerted to a slipping danger, it may be more difficult for that person to prove premises liability. However, one man in another state recently won a substantial judgement despite posted warnings.

Rapper claims premises liability against venue after shooting

Some in Pennsylvania may feel that performers in the world of hip-hop are often create controversy. Currently, rapper Troy Ave is embroiled in legal issues stemming from a shooting incident at a recent concert in another state. While he is building a defense against accusations of his own criminal conduct, the rapper is also firm in his allegations that premises liability is the real reason for the incident.

Airbag explosions prompt massive investigation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expanding its investigation into airbags that rupture and cause injuries and death. Over 100 million vehicles around the world are equipped with airbags that may have a design flaw that is causing explosions. Drivers in Pennsylvania and beyond may be receiving recall notices if their vehicles carry these airbags.

Widow says over-serving a customer led to fatal accident

In Pennsylvania and other jurisdictions, establishments that serve alcohol may be liable if their customers cause injuries after overconsuming. A woman in another state is relying upon this law after she lost her husband in a fatal accident involving a 23-year-old intoxicated driver. The widow blames a local golf club for over\-serving a customer who then caused the five-vehicle pileup.

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