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Premises liability filed against stadium after man dies

Concerts are a great way to celebrate with friends. When there are food and drinks combined with good music, everyone can have a good time. Stadium events in Pennsylvania and across the country can accommodate thousands of people who share a common enthusiasm for the headline act. However, if the stadium does not take precautions for the safety of its guests, the fun may end with wrongful death and premises liability claims.

Dangerous property causes injury, forces residents to evacuate

When a person in Pennsylvania rents an apartment, he or she assumes the place will be safe and habitable. When things go wrong, a call to the landlord or building manager usually brings someone to make repairs or somehow mediate the problem. However, if the building owner lets the property decline to the point where it becomes a dangerous property, tenants may end up getting hurt.

Premises liability: Slip and falls are sometimes prevantable

Taking an unexpected tumble is never a pleasant experience. Slip and fall accidents in Pennsylvania may land a person in the emergency room with broken bones, a back injury or a concussion. While recovering from such an accident, a person may begin to wonder if he or she has a premises liability claim.

Inadequate security may mean premises liability for nightclubs

Blocks away from the scene of the recent horrific nightclub shooting, a security guard stands his post outside another local establishment. Despite the heightened fear among night life crowds, nothing has changed at this bar. He is still the only line of defense between patrons and a violent attack. When people in Pennsylvania and across the country go out for a night of fun, they may not worry about premises liability at nightclubs.

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