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June 2016 Archives

After explosions, Pennsylvania families deal with aftermath

Recently, firefighters responded late one evening to an explosion at a Pennsylvania home. When they arrived, they saw that the house was completely destroyed. The force of the blast had blown sections of the building nearly 150 feet away and shook the walls of neighboring homes. The residents of the home, a couple and their two children, were trapped in the rubble; in fact, the woman was pinned under a wall and had to be extricated by firefighters. Having seen explosions like this before, firefighters expected the worst.

Bar accused of over-serving a customer, causing injury

Any establishment in Pennsylvania that serves alcohol is required not to serve alcohol to customers who are obviously already intoxicated. However, many establishments still do, and another patron or a motorist on the road may be hurt by the intoxicated person as a result. In one out-of-state case, a female patron recently sued a bar's owners, alleging that their over\-serving a customer caused her to suffer injuries from another customer.

Best Buy faces premises liability claim

An injury can easily take place on a business property in Pennsylvania if the property owner has not exercised adequate care in keeping the property free of hazards. One man recently claimed he suffered injuries at a Best Buy store due to the store's negligence. He has filed a premises liability lawsuit against the electronics store in light of his injuries.

Tavern accused of over-serving a customer, causing battery

In Pennsylvania, if an establishment that serves alcohol over-serves customers and the customers end up causing harm to other people, the establishment itself may be held financially responsible. In another state, a husband and wife recently decided to sue a tavern for over-serving a customer, thus allowing the customer to become drunk and attack the husband. The couple alleged that the tavern violated the Dram Shop Act.

Injuries blamed on courthouse's allegedly dangerous property

When people in Pennsylvania are hurt on a property that has not been properly maintained, it is within their rights to seek legal recourse against the property owner and/or other parties in possession of it. In one out-of-state case, a woman claimed she suffered serious injuries when she fell down some stairs at a courthouse. She and her husband recently decided to sue the county government, alleging dangerous property conditons.

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