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September 2015 Archives

Woman files premises liability lawsuit against TJ Maxx

A slip-and-fall accident in Pennsylvania that takes place in a split second may cause injuries that last a lifetime. One woman in another state recently experienced this scenario after reportedly slipping and falling at a TJ Maxx store. She has filed a premises liability suit against the company in light of her permanent injuries.

Over-serving a customer may make bar liable following DUI wreck

Over 2,000 people have lost their lives during the past five years in Pennsylvania due to drunken driving. This figure does not even include the additional thousands of people who have suffered serious injuries because of intoxicated drivers. Sometimes a drunken driving accident occurs due to a bar's over-serving a customer who was obviously already intoxicated.

Man files premises liability suit against Hardee's

Companies have a duty to ensure that their properties are safe for members of the public to use. If this fails to happen at a business in Pennsylvania, a person who ends up being injured on the business's property has the right to file a premises liability suit against the establishment. In one out-of-state case, an 87-year-old man recently filed a suit against Hardee's Restaurants after he said he was attached on the property.

Woman accuses supermarket of having dangerous property

A Pennsylvania company's failure to take care of its property may cause a customer to suffer serious personal injury. Injuries resulting from slip-and-fall accidents on dangerous property, for example, can drastically alter the course of an accident victim's life. One woman in a recent out-of-state case said she was injured at a supermarket, causing her to suffer permanent injuries. She has sued the company, alleging negligence.

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