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July 2015 Archives

Pennsylvania man files premises liability suit against Kroger

A Pennsylvania resident recently sued a grocery chain in another state after claiming to have been injured on the store's property. The national chain, The Kroger Co., is accused of premises negligence. The injury accident occurred last year, according to the man's premises liability lawsuit.

Burger King manager files premises liability suit

A walk on the property of a fast food restaurant in Pennsylvania may unfortunately lead to a hospital trip if a person ends up getting hurt as a result of a slip-and-fall accident. This reportedly took place earlier this year in another state at a Burger King. A man said he was hurt at the restaurant and has filed a premises liability lawsuit, claiming negligence.

City's dangerous property reportedly leads to trip-and-fall

Tripping on someone else's property can lead to serious injuries in Pennsylvania, which may become life-changing in some situations. One woman in a recent out-of-state case said she fell down on dangerous property belonging to a city. She decided to sue the municipality.

City's alleged dangerous property caused injuries to man

When a person in Pennsylvania is on someone else's property and gets hurt because the property was not maintained, this can affect the individual not only physically but also financially in the form of medical bills. One person in an out-of-state case recently sued a city after reportedly suffering an injury at a city park. The injury that the man suffered on allegedly dangerous property resulted in thousands of dollars in health care bills.

Pennsylvania wage and hour lawyers for natural oil & gas workers

We have recently received many inquiries about wage and hour laws from people who working in the natural oil and gas industry. People are often complaining about not being paid what they are owed. This is unfair and illegal. If you have questions about wage and hour laws in Pennsylvania, call Goodrich & Geist.

Taco Bell accused of having dangerous property causing injuries

When a restaurant in Pennsylvania fails to keep its premises clean and safe for customers, a person may end up slipping and falling. A seemingly simple slip-and-fall accident on dangerous property can easily lead to life-changing injuries. One individual in an out-of-state case recently sued fast-food giant Taco Bell, alleging that he fell on the company's property due to its failure to properly maintain it.

Wage and hour: salary cap for overtime could be more than doubled

A huge federal discrepancy over paychecks and overtime in the United States means that many people who work and have worked overtime in the past will be getting much bigger checks in the near future. This is wage and hour issue is expected to be dealt with throughout the summer and into this fall.

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