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June 2015 Archives

Alleged fall over ship rail leads to premises liability suit

Getting injured on a business property in Pennsylvania can cause emotional duress on top of physical pain and financial challenges. One woman recently experienced this type of situation in another state when she allegedly fell on city property. More specifically, the woman claimed to have fallen over a railing that was part of an ocean liner tourist attraction. She has thus filed a premises liability lawsuit against the city in charge of maintaining the ship.

Injury on property may be grounds for premises liability claim

When an injury accident occurs on someone else's property in Pennsylvania, the person who owns this property is considered liable. Different types of accidents leading to premises liability claims can take place, with the most common being slip-and-fall accidents. Both residential property owners and business property owners as well as municipalities are responsible for taking care of their properties in Pennsylvania.

Woman says city's dangerous property led to her concussion

If a person in Pennsylvania falls on property that has not been kept up by the property owner, this is grounds for a civil suit. One woman in a recent out-of-state case filed a lawsuit against a city after she said she slipped and fell on an icy area on public property. The city was found guilty of negligence in this case involving dangerous property.

Dangerous property with faulty elevator leads to liability claim

It is commonly expected that property owners who open their doors to the public will ensure the proper maintenance of their premises. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, and thousands of people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere suffer injuries in accidents caused by dangerous property every year. Many such accidents are serious, and obtaining compensation for related expenses is easier said than done.

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