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April 2015 Archives

Group to curb motorcycle accidents with statistics

When the Pennsylvania climate allows, motorcycle riding is a popular mode of transportation. Some ride motorcycles primarily as a way to get from one place to another. For others, it is a recreational vehicle used to take long rides throughout the state. Whatever the purpose behind motorcycle use, it is always possible that the vehicle could be involved in one of the many motorcycle accidents that plague our region on a yearly basis. This is particularly relevant in the Pittsburgh area as Allegheny County boasts the highest number of registered motorcycles and motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania.

Truck accidents and causes

Truck accidents between tractor trailer drivers and passenger vehicles seems to be on the rise in our region. As such, injuries and deaths associated with these accidents are also on the rise in Pennsylvania. Truck drivers individually log hundreds of thousands of miles a year and the companies they work for count on their drivers to meet time-sensitive deadlines that could otherwise cost them thousands of dollars if those deadlines are not met. Although many truckers tend to get a bad rap, the truth is that the majority of them follow company policies and federal laws; however, there will always be those few who make poor decisions and break the rules for their own selfish benefit.

Woman says dangerous property at condo caused her injuries

Pennsylvania business property owners and managers are responsible for keeping their grounds safe. Otherwise, those walking on the property can easily injure themselves, particularly by slipping and then falling on dangerous property. One woman in a different state recently suffered injuries in an apparent slip-and-fall accident on the property of a condo and has sued the condo association as well as two insurance companies.

Motorcycle accidents up since start of spring

Motorcycle accidents are dangerous and can lead to lifelong injuries or death. This summer, we have seen many motorcycle accidents take place throughout western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. While many car and truck drivers say their accidents with motorcycles were unavoidable, the truth of the matter is that watching out for and sharing the road with bikers is a responsibility that comes with the privilege of owning a driver's license.

Motorcycle accidents and helmet laws

Twelve years ago, Pennsylvania repealed a law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets and replaced it with a policy of optional helmet use with the exception of riders under the age of 21. Evidence found that wearing a helmet did not cause any more motorcycle accidents; however, those who are involved in motorcycle accidents who are not wearing a helmet exponentially increase their chances of death.

Truck accidents caused by fracking vehicles

Truck accidents happen all over Pennsylvania, nearly every single day. However, when the truck is owned by or under the employ of a major fracking conglomerate there may be several parties at fault.

Alcohol vendor may be held liable for over-serving a customer

A DUI collision can have devastating impacts, including causing serious injuries or even death. A person injured in this type of accident in Pennsylvania has the right to take legal action in an effort to hold the driver who is allegedly at fault in the accident financially accountable. However, the victim can also seek accountability from alcohol retailers and bars for over-serving a customer who subsequently caused a DUI accident. 

Pennsylvania truck accidents attorneys

Truck accidents have been plaguing our area of late. It's that time of year when construction gets underway after winter and more drivers make their way out, making all of our commutes just that much more difficult to and from school, and during our afternoon lunch breaks. Interstates 76, 79, 80, and 90 seem so much more busy and difficult to traverse. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck, it's important that you lock down a trustworthy Pennsylvania truck accidents lawyer to represent you against the trucking company, the driver, and any other third party that may be held accountable.

Man claims injuries stemmed from dangerous property at casino

After experiencing a slip-and-fall accident in Pennsylvania, a person's life has the potential to change dramatically. For instance, the person may face a stay in the hospital, numerous surgeries or even extensive rehabilitation. One person in another state recently filed a premises liability suit after reportedly slipping and falling on dangerous property.

Truck accidents around Pittsburgh

Following truck accidents, it is possible that those involved will suffer serious injuries, or even worse. When truck accidents occur it is not surprising that someone who is hurt might seek compensation for their injuries from the driver or drivers responsible for the crash. But just what is necessary to successful in this type of case?

What to do after slip & fall accidents

When innocent people are injured in slip & fall accidents through no fault of their own, they may have a potential personal injury case and could see compensation for the pain, suffering, medical expenses, and lost income from missed time at work that they've endured. However, if the injured party in question is unable to provide significant evidence of negligence on the part of the owner of the property where the accident took place, then the plaintiff could potentially lose his or her premises liability case.

Man dies after slip-and-fall on allegedly dangerous property

When a person slips and falls on another person's property in Pennsylvania, it is not uncommon for the individual to suffer injuries. However, in one out-of-state case, a man who allegedly slipped and fell on dangerous property ended up dying as a result of the fall. His wife is now suing the restaurant to which the parking lot belonged.

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