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March 2015 Archives

Low damage car accidents can still result in serious injuries

Minor injuries suffered in car accidents where the vehicle you were in receives only minor damages may result in an extended period of time for getting the insurance company to pay for your medical bills and property damage. Studies show that insurance companies in these cases make an effort to show that even the minor injuries you say you sustained were not possible due to the small amount of damage done to the vehicle. This is a problem people go through every day that usually leads to some type of middle-ground between you and your insurance company.

Dangerous property reportedly causes woman's slip and fall

A person in Pennsylvania can easily be seriously injured on someone else's property simply because the property is not properly maintained. This is the situation that one person in another state is facing after claiming that she slipped and fell in her apartment. She is now suing the complex's owner, claiming that a leaky air conditioner caused the apartment to become dangerous property.

Seat belts save lives in car accidents

Local schools and the PennDoT are making it a point to educate young drivers and other motorists about the importance of seat belts. The state is currently advising local police from all over to keep a watchful eye on drivers who fail to follow seatbelt laws. PennDoT says that the plan this spring is to target the many Pennsylvanians who don't wear seat belts and fining them in the hopes that they will begin taking the time to buckle their seatbelts before the car is in motion.

Woman claims landlord kept dangerous property, files suit

Renters naturally expect their places of residence to be safe. Sometimes, however, accidents are inevitable, leading a tenant in Pennsylvania to suffer major injuries. One tenant at an apartment complex in another state was recently injured in a slip-and-fall accident that she said occurred on dangerous property.

Tips to prevent car accidents during daytrips

With the weather getting nicer each day, many Western Pennsylvanians will likely be making impromptu road trips to find spring catching up with the rest of the region. It's important to remember that before you head out for a daytrip, you should have your car given a good once-over to make sure all your bells and whistles are properly working. Taking a little extra time to do have the vehicle examined by yourself or a professional can prevent car accidents from occurring.

Car accidents, potholes, and other road defects

The winter season left us with its share of defective roadways and potholes, but this spring seems to be much worse than recent years. Sure, there's nothing worse than driving peacefully along the road, only to be jolted by a giant hole big enough to cause alignment damage and perhaps even worse. But we live in Western Pennsylvania where we know we must endure weather extremes and roads that are not properly stabilized, turning potholes in nightmares.

Car accidents and St. Patrick's Day festivities

For many in the Pittsburgh area, St. Patrick's Day is one of the best holidays of the year. Revelers of all descents gear up for parties and parades planned for the holiday. On this day all truly believe that they are Irish for the day. However, some people in the area tend to over-imbibe. When people drink too much and get behind the wheel, car accidents and fatal car accidents are inevitable. If you're going out for this year's festivities and you plan on drinking, don't drive.

Woman claims she slipped on black ice on dangerous property

When a person slips and falls on ice in Pennsylvania, the incident can deal a blow to the person not only physically but also financially. One woman in an out-of-state case is currently suing a plowing company after she said she slipped and fell on dangerous property. The incident reportedly occurred in the parking lot of a hospital.

Burn victim to sue Sheetz for negligence

A student from St. Vincent College filed a lawsuit against Sheetz this past Monday after she says that she was very badly burned by hot cappuccino two years ago and that Sheetz is at least partially to blame. Many who take to commenting on social media and news outlets liken this story to the McDonald's burn case from long ago. There is a general lack of sympathy for people who burn themselves with hot beverages and that's too bad, but this young woman has a legitimate case against Sheetz.

Bus and car accidents

When most people get into their vehicles, whether as a driver or passenger, they immediately reach for the seat belt and ensure the device is fastened prior to the vehicle being in motion. For the 700 million plus people who use on commercial buses like PAT in the United States each year, buckling a seatbelt is not an option.

Man allegedly slips and falls on video store's dangerous property

When a Pennsylvania business owner fails to properly maintain his or her property during winter, a customer can easily slip and fall, suffering serious injuries. Common injuries stemming from falling on dangerous property include neck, spine, back and head injuries. One person in another state recently sued a video store after allegedly suffering a slip-and-fall accident leading to injury.

Commercial bus and truck accidents

Late last year, a horrific multiple-vehicle accident occurred along a Pennsylvanian highway east of Pittsburgh when a commercial tractor trailer barreled into the rear of a car that was stopped due to other truck accidents. The initial crash sent off a chain reaction that included eight cars and trucks, resulted in three deaths and eight injuries.

Car accidents caused by texting and driving

Many car accidents happen because of negligence. That's a simple fact. Driving drunk is a clear case of negligence. It's widely understood that drinking and driving is dangerous to for both the driver who imbibes and others with whom he or she shares the road. What many people do not know is that texting and driving is now being viewed by many experts as more dangerous than drinking and driving, causing a large percentage of car accidents throughout the United States and here in Western Pennsylvania. A study from last year found that texting and driving for the new number one cause of death while driving.

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