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February 2015 Archives

Woman claims she fell due to gas station's dangerous property

A sudden fall in Pennsylvania can dramatically impact a person's life, leading to injuries that can require a large amount of time and money to address. One person in another state recently fell on what she calls dangerous property at a gas station. The woman is now suing the local service station as a result of the injuries she blames on the fall.

What are slip & fall accidents?

At Goodrich & Geist, we often receive inquiries asking us to explain the laws behind slip & fall accidents. With winter knocking on our door, days shortening, and patches of ice already covering parts of some roads and sidewalks, we have decided to give our readers a brief overview of what we mean when we say "slip and fall accident."

Filing lawsuits after fires or explosions

When homes in Pennsylvania are subject to fires or explosions, the resulting losses are sometimes difficult to come to terms with. Not only can loved ones and family pets perish in the blaze, but irreplaceable items with great sentimental value may be lost forever. Even if all family members escape a fire without injury, the following weeks and months can be extremely challenging. If you have experienced a house fire, your budget may be stretched to breaking point by the need to replace numerous items at one time. You may also be forced to deal with the upheaval of living in temporary accommodation if the damage to your home was severe.

Couple alleges that dangerous property led to woman's injuries

A slip-and-fall accident can lead to unexpected injuries that can result in the loss of wages and other financial challenges. In one such case, a Pennsylvania couple is suing a newspaper's owners, as well as a cultural center, after the woman suffered a number of injuries in a slip-and-fall accident on the center's property. She claims that both the event's sponsor and the venue should be held liable for the injuries that occurred on the dangerous property.

Teens and fatal car accidents

Pennsylvania parents hoping to reduce the odds of seeing their children suffer from fatal car accidents can take one important step--be sure that their teen motorists are driving with adults 21 years of age or older, and that they're not driving with passengers who are also teens.

Truck accidents and FMCSA requirements

Drivers of commercial trucks have a lot of responsibilities. Due to a commercial tractor trailer's size and weight, truck accidents are particularly dangerous and often result in serious injuries or death. In response to several recent high-profile truck accidents, the federal agency tasked with regulating the safety and use of commercial tractor trailers and smaller trucks is stepping up safety inspection efforts.

Wrongful death at prisons a serious issue

Prison inmates have rights. This is often forgotten by the people who care for them. Some of these people, who struggled through a hard time in their life or were caught up in the wrong crowd at the wrong time, end up paying the ultimate price when they are not properly cared for while serving their time. In situations where prison staff were so negligent to the point that someone under their supervision is seriously dies, that inmate's family may have a potential wrongful death claim against the negligent party and prison where he or she is employed.

Injuries can result from use of dangerous property

A slip-and-fall accident can turn a routine trip to an office building or to the grocery store into a dangerous one. These types of accidents can quickly cause costly injuries that can be physically, financially and emotionally painful. A property owner in Pennsylvania may be held liable for the injuries that one suffers on his or her dangerous property in certain situations.

Fatal car accidents on the decline, according to PennDoT

PennDoT recently published a report indicating that Pennsylvania roads and car accidents may no longer be as synonymous as they once were. Statistics displayed that, while nearly 1300 lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents in 2013, the numbers each year for car accidents and car accident deaths are steadily declining.

People hurt on someone's dangerous property have legal options

Although a car accident or work accident often comes to mind when people think about the possibility of getting seriously injured, something as simple as walking onto a piece property can result in equally serious injuries. Unfortunately, not all property owners in Pennsylvania ensure that their properties are safe for their visitors. As many victims have found, a business owner may have a dangerous property because he or she has failed to regularly inspect it for hazards that could affect the public.

Some smoke detectors are defective products

Many people believe that all smoke detectors are created equal. In many ways, they are, but it's not entirely true. Most smoke detectors do just that; they monitor for smoke in the home. But did you know that there is a lot more to keeping your home safe from fire than simply being alerted that there is smoke in your house? Today, we would like to talk about what to look for in a smoke detector, the differences in various types of smoke detectors, and how to keep you and your family safe by choosing the best smoke detector out there. Because if your smoke detector fails, you may have a defective products claim against the detector's manufacturer.

Wrongful death an issue at Allegheny County Jail

Investigations into wrongful death claims at the Allegheny County Jail is well above the national average. This comes as no surprise as, just a year ago, a new medical vendor began cutting costs while also trying to improve care...and the two things just don't add up.

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