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January 2015 Archives

Truck accidents -- Study finds drivers are forging logs

If you have been involved in one of the many truck accidents that take place every winter here in Western Pennsylvania, then you're lucky to be reading this because chances are that you may have been killed and have likely suffered serious injuries. The sheer mass of a commercial tractor trailer offers you virtually no room to avoid a collision when one seems imminent. Many truck accidents end in lifelong injuries and one in every eight end in at least one fatality. And the number one reason for these accidents is driver fatigue. Even the best truck drivers in the world need rest. Unfortunately, however, truck drivers spend long hours on the open road each day to ensure their loads reach customers in a timely manner. When drivers don't get enough sleep, they fail to safely operate what are essentially multi-ton death machines speeding down highways at speeds of up to 75-80 mph. 

Car accidents and pets

Imagine that you have just been in a car accident caused by another driver that has left you injured. As you get out of your car, the driver of the other car runs over to see if you are okay and then tells you he is sorry that his dog got in the way of his driving. Now probably even more frustrated after the explanation, you wait for medical help and think to yourself how in the world drivers' dogs can cause car accidents. As unlikely or as likely as it sounds, every year thousands of people are injured in car accidents by drivers who are distracted by their pets.

Dangerous property in winter weather may lead to injuries

Going outside in Pennsylvania can be hazardous during winter weather, with icy sidewalks and other areas of private property potentially posing a slip-and-fall hazard. If a person ends up falling on dangerous property, an accident resulting in  serious injuries could prevent the victim from working or otherwise functioning normally for a time. In this situation, the owner of the home or business property may face claims for financial liability.

Car accidents and back seat seatbelts

Most drivers know the live-saving benefits of buckling up and 83% do so whenever they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. The percentage of those that use a seatbelt while riding in the backseat of a car, however, is far lower. During car accidents, individuals within a motor vehicle that are not restrained can injure themselves and others within the vehicle. In an effort to combat this problem, safety advocates are calling for backseat seat belt reminder technology to be implemented in new motor vehicles.

Application of res ipsa loquitur in negligence cases

The state of Pennsylvania allows for the application of a concept known as res ipsa loquitur in some civil lawsuits. The term is Latin for "the thing speaks for itself." Plaintiffs may rely on res ipsa loquitur in some cases to establish a presumption of negligence on the part of the defendant.

Defective products: ineffective smoke alarms can be deadly

Defective products like car parts heavy machinery can leave a devastating last impression on families of victims, as we have seen in the recent past with stories out of General Motors and the various equipment failures that lead to serious injuries and death on work sites. But one area where many don't consider the manufacturing negligence of defective products is with smoke detectors. In some cases, smoke detectors and fire alarms do not sense intense heat; therefore, some electrical fires and other types of fires that start inside of walls do not get noticed until it is already too late.

Woman sues after fall from mobile medical trailer

A New Jersey woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company that owns the mobile medical trailer that allegedly caused her to fall and suffer injuries to her back and left shoulder in March 2014. The woman is seeking more than $150,000 in both punitive and compensatory damages from Medicoach Transportation. In addition, her husband is seeking damages for loss of consortium.

Car accidents during inclement weather

There are certain safety precautions that everyone should take while traveling in inclement weather. As months of snow and ice approach us, you and your loved ones should be extra cautious. There are safety driving tips that all drivers should consider following while in this time of terrible weather that will reduce car accidents and help to ensure you and your family arrive to your next destination alive and well.

Wrongful death claims for fatal work accidents

When most people wake up in the morning in Western Pennsylvania for work, they do not think that they'll be in some kind of accident that could be potentially fatal. Often on this blog, we relay stories to our readers about forklift accidents. Not too long ago we posted a blog about a gas drilling company worker who was killed during a work-related accident that involved a forklift. Last week, sadly, another industry worker in Pennsylvania was killed in an accident also involving a forklift.

Property owners may be held liable for certain events

As some in Pennsylvania may have already come to learn, home and business owners are expected by the law to remove or eliminate known dangers within their property's premises if it can be reasonable expected that others will visit or patronize the property. Research indicates that more than a million Americans are harmed every year in preventable accidents that occur on others' property. Preventable accidents are oftentimes a consequence of people neglecting to meet expectations as property owners. Yet, many victims do not understand their rights nor realize that they may have a valid legal complaint against the property owner.

Car and truck accidents and drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is one of the main causes for car and truck accidents here in the United States. Even though the danger may seem obvious, two out of five drivers admit to falling asleep while driving according to a car accident study recently released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. According to the same study, about 17% of fatal car and truck accidents are caused by drowsy drivers. The study looked at car crash information from 2000 to 2012.

Christmas Eve explosion & fire still under investigation

Fires or explosions can devastate families around the holidays and during the winter months. While some fires or explosions are born from manmade acts of negligence, others are caused by a defective product or manufacturing issue that was eventually bound to prove costly. If you've been injured in fires or explosions, you may have a personal injury claim against a manufacturer or an owner or landlord of a property.

Car accidents and red light camera legislation

After years of legislative roadblocks, Pittsburgh finally got cameras on poles near traffic lights at busy intersections over the last year. With the ability to snap photos of license plates of cars speeding through red lights, these cameras are finally attracting positive attention from legislators. There may even be a vote before the legislature adjourns for summer recess. The goal of these cameras is to reduce car accidents; however, some feel that the cameras' presence can cause some drivers to make sudden moves or abruptly stop while in an intersection.

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