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October 2014 Archives

Pennsylvania dram shop liability laws

When someone drinks alcohol, it's a personal choice they're making, which is why many feel like it is unfair that bar owners can be held liable for drunk driving accidents that take place because someone was irresponsible and chose to get drunk at the owner's bar. Under the terms of Pennsylvania dram shop laws, bar owners and owners of other businesses that sell alcohol can legally be held responsible for what customers do when they leave the establishment. Dram shop laws vary somewhat from state to state, and here in Pennsylvania, dram shop laws pertain to not only bars and restaurants, but also events, such as wine tastings and even weddings.

October is Fire Safety Month

October is Fire Safety Awareness Month. As the days get shorter and the night get cooler, many of us in western PA are huddling around campfires and stacking wood in our hearths. Many forget, however, that the fire of the year is a potential hazard that could cost you your home and may even be fatal to you and your close family and friends.

Bars and restaurants may be held liable for over-service

Pennsylvania Dram Shop statutes define the scope of liability for the owner/operator of a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol in the event that an injury is suffered by someone as a result of over-serving a customer. An entity may not be held liable for injuries suffered by a third party that occur off the entity's premises unless the injury is inflicted by a patron who was served alcohol while he or she was visibly intoxicated. The law is clear that serving alcohol to an individual who is obviously intoxicated opens an entity to potential liability.

Six people died in a house fire in McKeesport on Saturday

We hear about all kinds of fires and all different reasons for what may have started them. Fires can be very devastating and can cause a family or a business to lose everything. They can spread quickly giving whoever or whatever may be trapped inside very little time to try to escape.

The dangers of some non-prescription drugs

With the flu season approaching, many Pennsylvania residents might appreciate a report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in connection with driving and over-the-counter medications. While many types of non-prescription cold and flu medications seem safe, those that contain antihistamines can cause drowsiness and possible confusion lasting a few hours. Even motion sickness medications can have side effects similar to a hangover that could linger in a person's system for a whole day or two, according to the FDA website.

How is fault proven after a slip-and-fall accident?

Deciding who was to blame for a slip-and-fall accident in Pennsylvania involves a number of considerations. When making the determination, a court will look into the reasonableness of both the property owner's and the injured victim's actions before the fall. If the property owner is found to be at fault for the accident, they may be ordered to pay damages to the victim.

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