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September 2014 Archives

Landowner liability involving trespassers in Pennsylvania

A trespass involves an invasion or intrusion onto the private land of another without consent or authorization. In such cases, a landowner's duty of care is very limited, and any resulting injuries are typically the responsibility of a trespasser. However, there are cases in which a landowner may still be responsible for damages, making it important for those who own land to pay attention to certain features and patterns of behavior.

College student dies in off-campus fire

A college sophomore in Pennsylvania was killed after a fire broke out in a two-and-a-half story building in Reading. The deceased man was reportedly in the basement of the student housing and unable to escape before succumbing to his injuries. Although firefighters were able to locate the man, he was found dead when they arrived.

Stone falls from historic church, kills woman

Pennsylvania readers may be interested in the following account of a woman who was killed in Chicago; the 34-year-old succumbed to her injuries after stone from a historic church fell and struck her on the head. According to witnesses, the woman was crossing the street at the time. The incident occurred a little past noon on Sept. 4. The piece of stone might have been from a gargoyle on the exterior of the building.

Liability for injuries at a college party

With the beginning of the college football season in Pennsylvania and around the country, many students will be attending parties in dormitories, fraternities and off campus. Unfortunately, every year comes several stories of students being injured through falls, alcohol consumption or other causes. A question arises as to who may be liable for those injuries.

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