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May 2014 Archives

2 employees injured in fire and explosion after propane leak

Building safety is always vital to ensure protection for individuals who may enter the premises. However, especially in older buildings, potentially hazardous conditions may exist that do not become apparent until a fire and explosion actually occurs.

Pennsylvania man injured after falling into manhole while working

Dangerous conditions can be present anywhere, including in a residential, commercial or work environment. Such may have been the case when a worker experienced a slip-and-fall accident recently on the job here in Pennsylvania, falling into a 14-foot manhole. 

Fire caused by explosion leaves three dead in Indiana County

A fire believed to be caused by an explosion in Indiana County took the lives of a nine-year-old girl and her mom and dad early Sunday morning. The accident happened west of Indiana proper in White Township. The family's two dogs were also killed in the fire. The family was found dead together in a back bedroom.

Worker injured in accidental explosion at chemical plant

It is important for companies, particularly those that store and use hazardous materials, to have adequate safety measures in place. It is perhaps equally important for property owners and employers to have accident contingency plans and to understand and rehearse such plans so that all employees and others on their premises understand what to do in an emergency.

Truck accidents involving sleepy drivers

Commercial truck drivers are an integral part of our struggling economy. With the great boom of domestic oil and gas drilling that has changed Pennsylvania over the past few years, for better or worse, it is the truck driver who keep everything literally and figuratively moving. However, with the heavy burden of making pick-ups and deliveries on time so as to work as cost effectively as possible, there is substantial stress on drivers to work as hard as they can and, regardless of companies' policies, get just enough rest to function for ten hours at a time behind the wheel of what can essentially be an 80,000 pound death machine barreling down the highway at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour.

Window cords are an unlikely danger

Defective products in the home can be a deadly combination. Recalls on vehicles and machinery often take precedence over household products due to the nature of laws; however, there are defective products in homes all over the country where mothers and fathers who aren't aware of the potential problems just a few feet away from their child's toy box or play pen. When products are designed and safety features fail, or if a product is dangerous and no safety precautions are taken upon going to market, people and their families can get hurt. If you've been hurt by a defective product, or you have lost someone close to you because of the negligence of a manufacturer, you may have a possible defective product or wrongful death case.

More than 50 homes damaged in suspected gas explosion

A woman did not smell anything as she was brushing her teeth. She heard a pop, and saw a fire outside her bedroom window. She called 911, and began walking across the street when the explosion that completely destroyed a home, and damaged another 50 homes within a quarter mile occurred.

Fatal truck accidents substantially linked to fracking

With the resounding boom that natural oil and gas drilling has had throughout the state, pro- and anti-fracking activists have been at extreme odds with one another about whether or not the positives outweigh the negatives. While that debate wears on, one things that neither side is likely considering is the number of fatal traffic accidents that have occurred due to the presence of giant industry trucks that haul heavy equipment along rural roads and highways, originally built mainly for passenger vehicle traffic.

Flux of window fall accidents spark safety device debates

Recent statistics gathered by the National Safe Kids Campaign show that an average of 4700 children in the United States are treated after a fall out of a window on an annual basis. Of those 4700 children who fall, between 12 and 20 die each year because of these falls and most of those deaths happen to children below the age of five.  

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