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February 2014 Archives

Devastating explosion at Chevron stresses the neighborhood

Fires and explosions can cause serious damage, not only to property, but to people anywhere near the vicinity. Even people who are not injured in a fire or explosion can be traumatized, either by what they may have seen or by the fear they experienced. What kind of compensation should they receive?

Pennsylvania slip and trip case dismissed by judge

Slips and fall injuries are possibly one of the more common accidents that happen, so they're frequently the cause of lawsuits. Generally, premises liability suits have to demonstrate that the people responsible for the building or land were negligent, and a recent case from Pennsylvania that readers may be familiar with failed to do so. This led to the case being thrown out.

Two charged for over-serving man hit, killed crossing street

In Pittsburgh, if a person has been injured or a loved one killed by a drunk driver, the accountability doesn't always fall solely on the driver of the vehicle who caused the injury. Sometimes the person or establishment that contributed to the intoxication of the driver can also be held accountable.

Being prepared for slip-and-fall accidents at offsite events

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere. Uneven pavement, a pothole, an icy walkway, a slick floor or an unattended-to-spill can make someone lose his or her balance and go for a tumble. However, the severity of injuries can range from a bruise to a broken bone to even death. I once knew someone who fell from the second rung of a stepladder and broke their wrist. It all depends on how you land and even how "hard" you land.

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