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Facts about violence perpetrated in American hospitals

Hospitals are typically thought of as safe, benign places. Many Pennsylvania residents never give a second thought to security issues when frequenting hospitals in the state. Unfortunately, hospitals are somewhat prone to violent acts. The question is how to address inadequate security and reduce acts of violence perpetrated on hospital property.

The results of a study that looked at hospital shootings occurring between 2000 and 2011 reveal a grim picture. One-hundred-fifty-four hospital shootings occurred during the study period. Ninety-one of these shootings happened inside the hospital and 63 of them occurred outside on hospital grounds. More than 230 people were injured or killed because of these shootings.

Pennsylvania woman files lawsuit after slip-and-fall accident

Two years ago, a woman was visiting a resident in a Pennsylvania nursing home when she suffered a slip-and-fall accident on the premises. In February of this year, she filed a liability lawsuit for numerous injuries she reportedly suffered in the fall.

The slip-and-fall accident occurred on the premises of the Wallingford Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Reports indicate that the victim, a resident of Aston, was leaving the premises when she fell in a vestibule area. Her lawsuit claims that the vestibule's dangerous floor conditions caused her to fall. These dangerous conditions include the accumulation of water and the presence of a rug or floor mat placed in a negligent position.

Can I sue if my pet was injured on someone else's property?

You are probably not going to like this, but in the eyes of the law, a pet is propertyy. As such, it will be treated as property regardless of what legal action you pursue. In many cases, victims of a pet injury would have more success by seeking a remedy directly from the responsible party rather than through a premises liability action.

With that said, the law can offer some satisfaction. As with all premises liability actions, negligence is the main factor that could lead to success. Below are two examples in which a pet suffers an injury on another person's property. Hopefully, they will give you some idea of when negligence is a factor and when it is not.

A reminder that fires or explosions still take Pennsylvania lives

If history has taught Pittsburgh residents one important lesson, it is not to underestimate the danger of fires or explosions. It was a hard-won lesson, but it still resonates in all of our minds. Two major historical events served to teach us this lesson: the Great Fire of 1845 and the Equitable Gas explosion of 1927.

The Great Fire consumed everything for a mile and a quarter and took two lives. The Equitable explosion unfortunately claimed 28 lives and left between 500 and 600 people injured. Many things have changed since these two disasters occurred, resulting in a reduced risk of fires or explosions. However, we must never forget that these dangers still exist.

Expand your knowledge about the common slip-and-fall accident

If you are like most Pittsburgh residents, you probably feel confident in your ability to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Unfortunately, overconfidence and complacency may work to increase your odds of suffering a fall. After all, most of these accidents strike out of nowhere when the victim is feeling relatively safe.

You probably already know that many slip-and-fall accidents occur outside in inclement weather. However, indoor slip-and-fall accidents are also a risk. Often, all a fall victim suffers from is embarrassment, but sometimes a serious injury may result from even a seemingly minor fall. Here are some important facts you should know about slips and falls.

How does Pennsylvania address the safety of amusement rides?

The state of Pennsylvania provides an Amusement Ride Safety Division within the Department of Agriculture. This division is responsible for inspecting, approving and registering all amusement attractions in the state. Owners of these attractions also play a role; they are required to register each attraction with the Department and to submit affidavits of inspection before the attraction begins operating.

The Department of Agriculture takes amusement ride safety seriously. A good way to see how safety is addressed is by reviewing the manual issued to attraction operators and attendants. Some of the important safety points contained in this manual include the following:

Does Pennsylvania have a dram shop liability law?

It is common today to see signs posted in dram shops, bars or even restaurants telling customers that the staff reserves the right to refuse service to people who appear visibly intoxicated. There is a very good reason for these postings as just about every state in the nation has legislature addressing liability for over-serving customers. Pennsylvania is no exception, with carefully worded legal code to handle these matters.

In Pennsylvania, the code states that alcohol licensees cannot be held liable for third party injuries suffered off premises and caused by someone who was served at the establishment. In simple-speak, this means that if a bar customer crashes into you after leaving the premises, the dram shop cannot be held liable. However, what if a bartender serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicated customer before the accident?

Pennsylvania Borough worker dead after an explosion

The long history of Pennsylvania is rife with stories about the devastation fires or explosions can cause. Advancements in the safety and technology of these modern times means less explosions occur, but accidents do still happen. No one knows this better right now than the residents of Factoryville, Pennsylvania, who are mourning the loss of a valued neighbor and municipal worker.

The man died Monday evening near the Factoryville Borough Maintenance Building. The victim was on duty helping to perform a controlled burn when an unexpected explosion took his life. According to news reports, the victim was operating a skid steer loader while burning debris such as scrap wood and branches. The explosion occurred at approximately 6:30 p.m. and could be seen and felt for many miles.

Premises liability due to inadequate security

Premises liability covers a wide range of incidents that could cause a person to suffer from injuries, including inadequate security measures. While it can be a complex area of the law when it comes to proving fault, you only need to understand a few things to know if you have grounds for a claim. We hope this blog post about inadequate security will help you determine if you can seek a legal remedy for your injuries.

All property owners have a duty to make certain their premises remain reasonably safe for visitors. When a property owner fails to do so and a person becomes injured, the owner may be held liable. Having adequate security is an important element in preserving safety for everyone. A few examples of good security include proper lighting, functioning locks, surveillance cameras and the presence of security staff.

Liability for winter slip and fall injuries

With snow starting to fall more frequently and temperatures staying below freezing most days, icy conditions increase the risk of a slip or fall injury. The most common places for slips or falls to occur during winter are much the same as during the rest of the year, with parking lots and sidewalks outside businesses becoming even more hazardous.

If you've been injured after slipping on a patch of ice in a store's parking lot and are considering claiming damages, you may be wondering whether the store is liable for your injury. After all, they can't control the weather, can they?

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