Natural Gas Explosions Injury Attorneys

While natural gas is a widely used and beneficial element in our modern society, it can also be highly unstable and cause catastrophic home explosions. For families who have endured such trauma, rebuilding their lives can seem like an overwhelming task. Not only must they deal with severe injuries and property loss, but they also face uncertainty over paying for their medical expenses and rehabilitation. In the worst cases, they are devastated by the loss of a loved one.

If you have been injured in a natural gas explosion, Goodrich & Geist is here to help. We are experienced personal injury attorneys and have helped many other families just like yours obtain fair compensation after an accident.

Personal injury claims involving natural gas can be complex. There are many variables and potentially numerous parties that should be held responsible. We know, we have handled these difficult cases before.

Identifying The Cause Of Your Natural Gas Explosion

Natural gas explosions in the home can occur for any number of reasons: gas leaks in the pipes running to your home; gas that doesn't contain the required smell as a safety precaution; or a defective household product, such as a stove, that creates an unstable buildup of gas or has a faulty shutoff valve.

One of the main problems in natural gas explosion claims is identifying and proving the source of the explosion. This can be a difficult task after an explosion or fire has significantly deteriorated your home. At this point, Goodrich & Geist calls upon our established network of experts to investigate the accident, identify the source and cause of the explosion, and preserve the necessary evidence.

Armed with solid proof, we understand how to assemble a valid claim, assign liability and make a strong argument for rightful compensation.

Pittsburgh Fire And Burn Injury Lawyers

After a natural gas explosion, lives are often destroyed, and in the worst cases lost. While nothing can erase the trauma you and your family have endured, we can help you rebuild your lives going forward. Contact us at 800-806-2456. As natural gas explosions injury lawyers, we are ready to fight for your rights and hold the responsible party accountable.