Experienced Legal Representation For Pittsburgh Personal Injuries

After a serious accident, life as you know it changes drastically. You may face an extended hospital stay, multiple surgeries or extensive rehabilitation. You also probably have concerns about paying for medical expenses, especially if you are unable to work or are permanently disabled. And oftentimes, just dealing with the emotional trauma of an injury is enough to cause constant distress.

The Importance Of Hiring The Right Attorney

During this difficult period, your primary focus should be on recovery. That's why it's so important to have a skilled lawyer on your side, fighting your legal battles for you.

Why Goodrich & Geist, P.C., Is Right For You

At Goodrich & Geist, P.C., we understand the stress and confusion our clients face when dealing with a personal injury lawsuit. We have handled many situations just like yours.

Since our Pittsburgh law firm focuses only on personal injury matters, we understand the tactics utilized by the other side and how to ultimately obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Experience, Knowledge, Skill

We have an in-depth knowledge of personal injury and liability laws. We work with highly trained technical experts to establish the cause of the accident. And we know how to assemble a valid argument for compensation based on physical pain, medical expenses, income loss and emotional distress.

Regardless of the type of accident you were involved in, we can help.

Personal Injury Case We Handle

We have successfully handled a wide range of personal injury cases concerning negligent, careless, and sometimes intentional actions by individuals, corporations and government entities, in cases involving:

  • Property incidents, involving fires, drilling accidents, natural gas or propane explosions, and dog bites
  • Auto accidents, involving cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents, in grocery stores, retail chains, parking lots and construction sites
  • Defective products, involving hazardous equipment such as smoke detectors
  • Medical malpractice injuries and deaths, due to the mistake of a physician, nurse or other medical staff member

Our lawyers also handle unnecessary injuries incurred from boating or snowmobile accidents.

Insurance Company Misconduct

We also often handle claims involving insurance misconduct. If you have been given the run around by your insurance company or believe your claim was wrongfully denied, reach out to us. We know what bad faith illegal tactics insurance carriers often use. We can help you.

Contact Our Attorneys

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We are ready to fight for your rights and hold the responsible party accountable.